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Raintrade Introductory Video

Being part of a global big trading&manufacturing group , Raintrade is a global integrated trading house providing bulk commodity trading solutions to partners across the globe.Aiming to establish a bridge between manufacturers and buyers in the world, we merchandise and trade a large variety of products; from ammonia, urea, sulphur, fertilizers, and rawmaterials to petrochemicals and energy products. Ammonia, fertilizers, petrochemicals are our company's core business segments. We are exclusive global marketer of Razi Petrochemical Co. products. Our portfolio is diverse, but we maintain the same unique level of performance coupled with an unrivalled quality of trading and logistical services throughout our product groups. Watch Video

Razi Introductory Video

Razi Petrochemical Co. produces fertilizers. The company’s products include ammonia, urea peril, granul urea and sulphur, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, and natural condensates. Its products are used in various applications, such as fertilizers, ammonium nitrate, manufacture of nitric acid and hydrogen cyanid, medicine, cosmetics, dentifrices, chemical industry, vegetation coating, pulp and paper manufacturing, rubber vulcanization, sulfuric acid manufacture, petroleum refining, dyes and pigments, iron and steel, rayon and film, soap and detergents, inorganic phosphates, electro polishing, water treatment, animal feeds, gasoline additives, fuel, raw materials in petrochemical industry, flame proofing of wood and textiles, and as stabilizers in explosives. The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Tehran, Iran. As of June 24, 2008, Razi Petrochemical Co. operates as a subsidiary of Gubre Fabrikalari.

Iran is a large country with vast energy resources. Its economy is mostly dependent on oil. Foreign companies mostly operate in the energy sector and make large investments under contracts with future export receivables. During the last few years, the government has been working on diversifying export revenues beyond oil. The country’s macroeconomic balances are very strong. The budget is nearly balanced, external and internal debt levels are very low, and the current account has shown a surplus for the last 10 years.

Iranian US relations have been tense for years. The Iranian uranium enrichment program has been considered as risky although Iran has declared that this program is being carried out entirely for peaceful purposes.Recently, the US administration began implementing its landmark nuclear agreement with Iran with an eye toward lifting expansive sanctions imposed on Tehran in the past decade. After nuclear deal, Iran hopes boom in all sectors.

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